7D Mark III coming soon?

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Re: 7D Mark III coming soon?

John Sheehy wrote:

JPAlbert wrote:

My off-the-wall prediction:

Canon 7Dii will be replaced, but the replacement will be mirrorless...

That would be probably be horrible, because as much potential as mirrorless has with future bandwidths, shorter lags, and EVF resolutions, nothing that comes out now is likely going to replace the 7D2 without some serious compromises in real-time performance.


There's no way in heck that Canon will (or even can) replace the 7D2 with a mirrorless 7D3 yet. Especially for the action shooter (for which this camera series is specifically targeted).

(IME shooting BIFs) there are threee technical obstacles that must be overcome before this can happen:

The first and foremost is to minimize EVF lag to the point where the subject can be tracked in real time, even in low light (dusk and dawn for the wildlife shooters here, indoor gyms for the sports shooters, etc).

The second would be to provide sufficient depth of field in the viewfinder (pre-focus?) in order to aid acquiring subjects in order to begin tracking. With mirrorless, they just get lost in the viewfinder completely when the lens is OOF (much more so than with an OVF).

And the third would be to eliminate shutter blackout. Not as critical as the other two, but very helpful when tracking.  And it's do-able with current technology (ie Sony A9's stacked sensor).

So a mirrorless action camera from Canon will be coming at some point. Just depends on how quickly they develop the R-Series (crop R).


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