Fuji’s retro style fans: hipsters or older people?

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Re: Fuji’s retro style fans: hipsters or older people?

I like fuji for the size, controls and solid collection of prime lenses. This allows me to bring the camera more and have a better shooting experience without diving into menus. Compared to some other brands, I do think Fuji is better for pure photography. The aesthetics are just a bonus.

Although I'm still only in my 30s, I grew up shooting my dad's rangefinder style cameras as a teenager in the 90s. I'm also old enough to have taken photography class where you develop your own film in a dark room and learned how to shoot on all manual first. I was never really a fan of Canon/Nikon plasticy DSLRs or even DSLR styling, it was just what was available for quality images for a good while there in digital.

I think anybody born before 1985 or so still had quite a bit of life pre digital and likely grew up listening to some vinyl their parents owned, vhs tapes, and used film...

I don't consider myself a millennial as I was born in 80, but the ranting against them is hilarious. Lumping everybody who isn't mainstream as a hipster into some neat category is also hilarious.

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