Fuji instead of Sony?

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GrapeJam wrote:

I like Fuji but honestly I've found the analog controls to be annoying to use for practical purposes when I need speed, simple no BS controls and having to move my hands as little as possible, and the novelty wore off after a short time.

Fuji color is good for Jpeg casual sharing but for actual professional jobs I still find myself having to color grade and do a lot of post processing anyway and here is where Fuji just doesn't hold up to Sony both in lightroom and capture one. The files just don't handle heavy drastic post processing as well.

Skilled photographers don't need heavy drastic post processing! That will absolutely spoil any colour quality

Fuji has been involved with photographic colour for around 80 years. It is highly regarded by experienced professionals. Sony is by no means bad, but just doesn't have the clarity, conviction or decisiveness of Fuji. Experience is important

Don't forget that Sony took on the Konica Minolta cameras division, which was fairly highly regarded in relation to colour, both from Minolta's side with their colour rendition through lenses and with the input from Konica, who were even earlier into film production than Fuji.

Ahh yes, I remember those days. I just loved my mate's Minolta SRT-101/1.4 rokkor!

Unfortunately, Minolta didn't play their cards right and had to merge with Konica, right?

Konica goes back to 1873, before even Kodak. OK, I wasn't born then, OK

The history is there but I think Konica just didn't have the impact in film that Fuji and Kodak had. I remember using Konica B&W film but never colour. The problem was not many labs would process it in Australia. It was different in Japan.

FWIW, I find that Sony make technology and then design a camera to fit that technology. For many of their products, and I've owned a few and still do, it works out OK. For others, not so much...

Canon and Nikon design the camera body first and then see what tech they can fit. For example, the Nikon 7 only has one card slot because two wouldn't fit into their desired body shape.

Isn't it just great that we have some serious competitors in the market? It can only mean that goodies will be cheaper and better. Is it Christmas yet?

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