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I like Fuji but honestly I've found the analog controls to be annoying to use for practical purposes when I need speed, simple no BS controls and having to move my hands as little as possible, and the novelty wore off after a short time.

Fuji color is good for Jpeg casual sharing but for actual professional jobs I still find myself having to color grade and do a lot of post processing anyway and here is where Fuji just doesn't hold up to Sony both in lightroom and capture one. The files just don't handle heavy drastic post processing as well.

Skilled photographers don't need heavy drastic post processing! That will absolutely spoil any colour quality

Tell that to my clients who want the instagram/cinematic look.

Fuji has been involved with photographic colour for around 80 years. It is highly regarded by experienced professionals. Sony is by no means bad, but just doesn't have the clarity, conviction or decisiveness of Fuji. Experience is important

Fujis cameras are anything but that lmao. You want no BS control, you grab a Sony, period.

Fuji cameras and lenses are widely used by top end pros in cinema/movie/TV applications as well as in still photography. Fuji make great medium format cameras and that is all about the look and the colour.

If those pros like that kudos to them, I prefer fast, simple, no BS so I don't

As for "no BS control, you grab a Sony"; well, that makes it easy but easy doesn't make one skillful. It makes for lazy shooting and lots of crass PP to fix up the mess.

Using your logic we should all go back to shooting film full manual with no autofocus.

Or yu can just be not lazy and using technologies to improve your work and creativity.

I've had a look through your portfolio. Twice. I do not think you have mastered colour or composition yet. You certainly post process with a very heavy hand. It is probably OK for instagram but certainly not for serious portraiture or fine art.

If you don't like it that's fine, my clients like them and that's all it matters to me and I can always improve (after all Ive only started shooting for a year ) and the flexibility of Sony cameras allow me to do that better than any other

Well, you are doing very well for one year's experience

We all can improve and should strive to. I've only been shooting for 50 years and I am still trying to improve.

I did not mean to offend you. The Sony camera is a fine tool, but that is all it is. You are the trades person and you must master both your trade and the camera.

When I started, all was manual. Even the light metering. For some work, I still shoot full manual with a hand light meter and/or a hand flash meter. Camera light meters are not very accurate at measuring incident light.

If you believe the Sony is the best tool for you - you are right. But it might not be the best tool for everyone. You should believe in your camera but realise that there is no one "best" camera for everyone. Some friends of mine own over a dozen different cameras... just like a motor mechanic does not own just one spanner

When I first learnt photography in the 1960's, there was no internet. I would go to the library and study books written by great photographers. I learnt the rules of composition, the principles of lighting, camera angles, perspective, posing, photo-journalism etc, etc.

I shot with film. It was processed later. It was necessary to "get it right in the camera" as post processing was very limited and, for photo journalism unethical. Only very minor adjustments were permitted. Otherwise you were fired!

I would commend learning the skills of photography from the great exponents. May I suggest that it would be a more rewarding use of your time than trolling forums trying to convince us of the superiority of your camera?

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