Fuji instead of Sony?

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I like Fuji but honestly I've found the analog controls to be annoying to use for practical purposes when I need speed, simple no BS controls and having to move my hands as little as possible, and the novelty wore off after a short time.

Fuji color is good for Jpeg casual sharing but for actual professional jobs I still find myself having to color grade and do a lot of post processing anyway and here is where Fuji just doesn't hold up to Sony both in lightroom and capture one. The files just don't handle heavy drastic post processing as well.

Skilled photographers don't need heavy drastic post processing! That will absolutely spoil any colour quality

Fuji has been involved with photographic colour for around 80 years. It is highly regarded by experienced professionals. Sony is by no means bad, but just doesn't have the clarity, conviction or decisiveness of Fuji. Experience is important

Color grading depends on the look you go for, some photographers have unique styles that rely on post processing.

I'm personally a light touch post processing, but I won't say anything and about those who post process because it's an individual style thing, not bad photography.

Thanks for your considered opinion. I largely agree with you. I am responding to the quote of: "heavy drastic post-processing".

Heavy PP is certainly is a genre with a following, like steam punk I guess. Normally, this style of PP does not suit soft ambient/fill light portraiture...

Sometimes it is obvious that the PP is in serious "rescue" mode

Yes and no, the instagram era has created generations of post processing styles that have specific themes. Colour grading to the degree that it creates a specific colour theme on instagram is not my approach but I can appreciate different forms of art and I know photographers who do this that are good - ultimately, it's their choice and their form of art, that's the thing with art, it's unique to the artist or everything would look the same. This is an example of a particular theme of colour grading applied to a profile.


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