Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Magnar W wrote:

TQGroup wrote:

Skilled photographers don't need heavy drastic post processing! That will absolutely spoil any colour quality

Fuji has been involved with photographic colour for around 80 years. It is highly regarded by experienced professionals. Sony is by no means bad, but just doesn't have the clarity, conviction or decisiveness of Fuji. Experience is important

Not everybody agree with you. Fuji looks great, but Sony looks even better:


Thanks for the link. I've read that review.

Have you read their methodology? Its very amateurish... I mean, sRGB for a start?

"Each camera test produces a chart which shows color deviations (Delta E). Red cells indicate that the camera produced a strong deviation from the reference color, light green represents a “noticeable” deviation and dark green represents a moderate. For our list, we tallied the total number of noticeable and strong deviations for each camera. Strong deviations were weighted double and the list was generated accordingly. The actual color data, plus the deviations, is included in each entry."

This is, at best, is a very technical analysis. It is not real world. One does not judge colour by randomly weighting deviation from a reference colour! That is not what a photo looks like

And what is this "reference" colour? Why and how was it chosen? It would be so easy to game this to a preferred camera wouldn't it

Interestingly, the highest placed Canon camera ranked fifth. Yet more pros shoot Canon than the rest combined!

Of course, half the world's pros and all their customers and agencies wouldn't have a clue would they?

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