Aliasing on Straight Vertical lines with 4k video on A7r3

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Re: Aliasing on Straight Vertical lines with 4k video on A7r3

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

You can start by dialling down sharpness/detail in your camera if you haven't done it already, all the way down.

Thanks, I will try this. Any idea where in the 900,000 menu options one find this in the video settings on the A7r3?

It's news for most beginners, but videography is vastly more complex than stills photography, and the settings in the semipro A7x cameras can be daunting. Just don't expect to get the hang of it after just a couple of weeks shooting and you'll be fine. It will take a normally talented person many months of practical experimentation and Internet research to even begin to understand how to get good video footage done. I'm pretty sure most people give up and settle for acceptable* video.
(* Acceptable for that person, but not remotely acceptable if it was ever to be included in a production. Many people on the Internet forums are skilled enough to take stills that can be used in newspapers, magazines or billboards without any problems, but few know how to shoot video that's fit to be used for broadcast or commercials.)

am also unsure if my picture profile is adding sharpness....

Every profile adds sharpening unless you dial down "Detail" to -3. Unfortunately, that's how pretty much every amateur/semipro camera are made, they all add sharpness out of the box.

And as someone already pointed out, to judge 4K footage critically, you MUST use a 4K display, or a smaller display with the player set to 100% scale (just giving you a crop of the whole image). Playing a 4K clip in a player that downscales on the fly to your display resolution will add moire/artifacts in many cases.

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