Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Dexter75 wrote:

I have a photo shot with my 7 Plus that is going to be featured in Maxim magazine.

Cellphones camera are awesome. APS-C and M43 are awesome as well.

The only problem with smaller systems is if you want something like a full frame 85mm f1.4 portrait lens..... well you won't really find the equivalent of that on a crop sensor and definitely not a cellphone.

Newer cellphones can do fake bokeh but honestly its just not the same. Also not as good being unable to separate fine details like hair and ends up blurring too much. Tried it on a dog and it blurs the edges of his fur.

Still, you don't want to shoot at F1.4 all the time anyway. Just that FF cameras give you the option of lower fstops. Its not like I can afford multiple systems so might as well go for the most versatile one.

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