Fuji instead of Sony?

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Re: Fuji instead of Sony?

Joe Tam wrote:

i am comparing xt-3 to a9 because xt-3 has distortion free e-shutter. that is very important for some of my work.

The XT3 does not have distortion free e shutter, not at all, the readout speed is still at least 3 times slower than the a9, its only adequate for walking and maybe moderate panning and running speed if you use it for sport or pan very quickly you'll still definitely see rolling shutter.

i don't want to buy the a7iii because i did not like the viewfinder.

i am not displaying my images in museums, galleries or high-end magazines.

like many of the photographers I work with a majority of our images ultimately end up on the web.

the equipment is just a tool to and i am trying to determine if fuji is good enough to get the job done. If anyone has experience on this let me know.

Dexter75 wrote:

Sounds like you are already made up your mind. You are comparing the XT-3 to the two most expensive Sonys to justify your choice. Why not compare it to the much less expensive a7iii? That price difference evens itself out. Also, you can't compare the Fuji glass to the Canon/Zeiss glass, not even in the same league IMO. I shot Fuji and Panasonic M43 cameras for awhile and while the lenses were cheaper than their APS-C counterparts, they weren't better. Well, except the Olympus 75mm f/1.8, that is a magical lens and one of the best out there regardless of system.

Anyhow, I have owned both APS-C and FF cameras over the years and decided on FF full time because I like my 50mm to be 50mm, my 85 to be 85 and my 135 to be 135. I dont like dealing with crops and the inferior OVFs on crop sensor cameras. For mirrorless, that last part shouldn't matter though as you are dealing with EVFs. My advice would be to rent both and test them for yourself. You can have both delivered right to your door in 2 days.

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