Missing some EVF features from Lumix

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Missing some EVF features from Lumix

Hi all,

I just got my new A7iii coming from Lumix/Panasonic m4/3 (I had the G85 and I still have the G9 and the GX85) and I have a couple of questions that I cannot find anywhere:

1) In Lumix cameras I can turn on/off histogram WITH level WITH the live preview AND all info on the  same screen (and in the EVF). I can see that pressing "DISP" I can switch between "All info + L. Preview", "L. Preview only", "Histogram + L. Preview", "Level + Preview", "Everything but NO L. Preview"... Is there anyway to have at least Histogram + Level at the same time without loosing the L. Preview???

2) If the camera has a touch screen, why I cannot do a pich/zoom in the play/preview screen? Is there anyway to enable this?

3) Is there anyway to always shut down the front display and just have the EVF go on/off automatically to save battery? I know that the A7iii battery is amazing, but, it is good to know how can I save the "last tick" of the battery at the end of the day;

4) Is there anyway that I can use AF and then override it with manual focus? A lot of times I like to use a AF-S and after I lock the AF (with AF-ON) I would like to adjust using the lens focus ring. Is it possible?

5) If it is possible (4), can the camera pop the MF assist (zoom) automatically when I use the MF ring?

Just to be straight, I am amazed by the output of the camera and I excited to learn it, but I really miss those features, and since the Sony menu is super complex I believe that a lot of those issues are my fault.


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