A7iii (Sony mirrorless in general) artifacts in EVF

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Isabel Cutler
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Re: I got excited when I read your observation....

Foivos wrote:

I noticed the following during shooting through the evf on Sony A7 iii

On af-c and af-a the evf image changes angle a little bit during focusing and shows some artifacts

on af-s mode evf is crystal clear.

Sony mentions on the online help guide

  • When [Continuous AF] or [Automatic AF] is set, the angle of view may change little by little while focusing. This does not affect the actual recorded images.

I think that the change on the angle of view creates the artifacts which are not showing during af-s focus.

I will be obliged if you post your findings.

...and thought, "Oh, that's why I'm having a problem.  I'm in Af-C mode.  Went to change it and I WAS in AF-S mode!

Back to square one.

I took my RX10 iv outside to see if it too shimmered and had moire in the bright sun and found no shimmering and a tiny bit of moire.  It sells for $200 less and has a similar viewfinder.  Why should the A7 iii be so bad?


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