Aliasing on Straight Vertical lines with 4k video on A7r3

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Re: Aliasing on Straight Vertical lines with 4k video on A7r3

Chester McCheeserton wrote:

I'm wondering if anybody has any suggestions or tips for getting rid of whats happening in the straight vertical lines you can see in the green building in this clip. Not trying to fix this clip but trying to prevent it in the future.

This was shot on an a7r3 in 4k in super 35 mode on a Zhiyun Crane 2. The footage was downsized to instagram sized here, I initially thought it was the thing you see in stills in photoshop when zoomed out that disappears when zoomed in to 100%, but alas I seem to have a problem. shutter speed was 1/50th of sec, frame rate 24 p 100m, Picture Profile set to PP5.

Thank you!

It is actually aliasing like you said, causing a moire pattern.  These really aren't 2 separate things.

Have you examined the output on a 4k monitor?   If you were using APS-C crop mode of the a7rIII, you should not be seeing that much aliasing.   it looks more like you were using full frame, where it's doing line skipping.   Here's a comparison from DPRs video still comparison tool

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