What did you do, when you could buy f2?

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What did you do, when you could buy f2?

I've just been reading a thread, from 2016, where the question was asked 'now the 23mm f2 is on its way, will you keep or sell your f1.4 version?' It got me thinking, 2 years on, what did people do? I've expanded the question to include the 35mm f1.4 / f2 as well.

I was also wondering about people who have come to Fuji, since the release of both variants. Faced with both options, what did you do?

I'm in the 'both' camp. I love the 1.4 apature for light gathering, but on occasions the WR comes in handy, as does the better AF speed.  I'm sure the 1.4's are faster now, with the extra firmware and more modern bodies, than they were on release. However, the f2's still have the edge on AF. I bought the 23mm first as I love the DOF scale / manual clutch. I agonised over the decision, knowing that, which ever one I chose, I'd LOVE it but would also regret not getting the other one. That's how it was. I later got the 23 f2, as it came with a body I bought. I'd initially bought the 35mm f2, but then saw such wonderful pictures taken with the f1.4. I also heard about its 'magic'. Thankfully second hand prices came to the rescue there.

What did you do?


I had the f1.4 version and I kept it
25.3% 24  votes
I had the f1.4 version and use the f2 now
9.5% 9  votes
When I got the 23 / 35mm, both were available and chose f1.4
22.1% 21  votes
When I got the 23 / 35mm, both were available and chose f2
29.5% 28  votes
I have the f1.4 AND f2 versions as they both have benefits
13.7% 13  votes
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