How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

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Re: How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

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I'm interested in the Panasonic G9, but I would like to know how good the Jpeg OOC are in real low light at ISO 3200, thanks.

I considered the G9, but found it a bit bulkier than I really wanted, and also looked at the following comparison.

Imaging resource comparison

So far, the EM1ii has mostly been a positive experience,

I reached exactly the same conclusion a few weeks ago, so I bought a E-M1 II rather than a G9. I really wish that Panasonic hadn't gone for the big body design that they are currently stuck in. For me, the appeal of m43 is being smaller than FF and not the same or bigger.

The EM1-ii is slightly smaller than the G9, but the G9 isn't any bigger than a Nikon D7200. It's maybe slightly bigger than the D5600. I wouldn't even say it is the size of a FF Camera cause it isn't.

For me, the G9 just too big and negates the reason I shoot m43. The E-M1 II is right on the limit (perhaps a bit more than I would really like) of what I would accept. It's a lot bigger than the FF Sony A7 III for instance, which just seems unnecessary.

The g9 has perhaps the best body ergonomics of any camera (cant coment on the canon R or nikon Z)

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