A premium lens on a budget

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A premium lens on a budget

This lens encompasses what Micro Four Thirds is about, a small, lightweight, affordable, quality product or in this case, a lens!

My entry into an ICL M4/3 camera came via the GX80/85 with the 12-32 kit lens, I then picked up the 25mm f1.7. This left me yearning for a telephoto to essentially complete a budget M4/3 setup.

Along came the 45-175. I paid in total, £139 for this lens brand new. Yes, that price is correct.

One of the large vendors marked this lens down heavily earlier this year whilst Panasonic had a £30 rebate on the lens, I snapped it up in an instant.

I hadn’t read reviews about it prior to purchasing as I was looking at the 100-300mm lens instead. Despite the difference in focal length I am much happier I picked up the 45-175.

The size and weight of this lens is remarkable. You may think well it’s made of cheap materials, well you’d be surprised, this lens looks and feels premium. It is from Panasonic’s Lumix G X range which is a step above their Lumix G range, even down to the lens cap and hood you can feel the difference.

The zoom is all internal on this lens, so the lens barrel does not protrude whether you are zooming or focusing.

The focus system is focus by wire but the focus and zoom grip have a nice rubbery feel to them, so your fingers won’t be slipping.

Onto the actual image quality, for me this is a sharp lens, fair enough I don’t have the more the expensive lenses to compare with but for my needs and for the price I was very much surprised with the quality from the optics on this budget lens.

I don’t shoot in JPEG on the GX80 as I find I can’t get the colours I want straight out of the camera, so I shoot RAW and edit images to my taste. However, the examples on this review are straight out of the camera without any post processing done to the RAW files to get the JPEG images.

I think I’ll end this review now as I am not a professional photographer nor am I a reviewer of photography products. Photography is a hobby of mine and if I can get great pictures on a limited budget, I am happy, and I will rave about it like a lunatic!

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Telephoto zoom lens • Micro Four Thirds • H-PS45175K
Announced: Aug 26, 2011
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