Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

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Re: Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

nigelht wrote:

Badwater wrote:

For super telephotos into the 300 to 600mm range, f/4 and f/5.6 is very thin even with MFT cameras. Thus, any larger aperture of f/2.8 would be difficult to focus or AF for wildlife or small birds in flight. But for still object that large aperture of f/2.8 will allow more compositional options.

For FF at 300ft the 300mm f2.8 has a 51 ft DoF and the 600mm f2.8

What 600/2.8?

has a 12.9 ft DoF.

For m43 the 300mm f2.8 the DoF is 25 ft. The 600mm f2.8 is a bit thin at 6.42 ft.

For 300mm equivalent a m43 with a 150mm f1.4 @ 300ft has a DoF of 52ft...which makes sense...

These are all usable. Well, except for size...a 400mm f2.8 is pretty big but sports shooters use them all the time for major events. At 90 feet the DoF is only 2.58 ft for the 400mm but not unusably thin for shooting humans.

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