Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

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Re: Do we still "need" fast lenses ?

I shoot portraits the most for a living and I am very happy with 1.8 lenses and even then I almost never shoot at 1.8 as the area is to small many times. I end up shooting at F 2 to 2.5 the most to make sure get sharp in focus images.

I do see many people post photos at 1.4 and I also see the tip of the noise or ears not in focus, not something I will would ever give to a paying customer.

I do like the out of focus bokeh look to the background but also want a very good in-focus subject.

So for me and my plan for using a longer zoom or prime lens works the best like shooting at 2.8 at 150 to 200mm will produce a fantastic out of focus backgrounds but very sharp in focus subject and give you much better background compression than using say a 50mm, 85mm or 105mm lens. It really starts in the 135 range.

Here is an example. This is on a cropped D7500 body this would be much better on FF but the background compression and blur IS 100% better then when I use my 85mm even at 1.8. Due to the zoom reach.

This is the Nikon 180 2.8 lens at 2.8 I love the lens but do not use it much as the zoom on is a little too much at times being that far back,

I would love to use it on my Z6 cameras I have on order but they are not supported for this lens. am going to wait and see what the new Z 70-200 2.8 cost and offers as they would give me a better range as well. And on FF at 180 I would be around 15 or more feet closer to the subject. Or I will end up with a Sigma 135mm on one camera.

Still waiting for more info on the new ZEISS ZX1I may cancel one of the Z6 bodys and get the Zeiss for my group portrait camera as 35mm is what i am at the most for groups. And it has leaf shutter this could be amazing for outdoor portraits giving me flash sync at high speeds like no other digital FF camera on the market that is small and lite, Will have to see on this. It would be worth the cost of a body and 35mm lens.

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Started shooting digital back with the first 2MP cameras. Over 20 cameras later still going. I shoot family and people portraits, weddings, Sports and a little of everything.

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