How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

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Re: How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

APSC is not much larger than m43, better sensor tech and firmware can make up for it...but a very good APSC sensor and firmware (ie Sony) will of course be a tad better than m43.

One Canon mirrorless body is almost exactly the same size as the Panny GF7 (through GF10).  Too bad their sensors are clearly a step behind everyone else (and their lenses for their mirrorless)...but it proves an APSC can be as small as my GF7 which I think is an ideal size and weight - very usable size for my size hands.

I accidentally smashed my GF7 and 12-32 lens last week - slipped climbing down a small mountain.  mechanical shutter is not working...PITA - wanted to get a 2nd larger/better body but also keep this one for hiking but I'm not going to buy 2 bodies.  Electronic shutter works and lens seems OK even though it has a gouge (amazing any of it works - it hit the  bedrock/boulder very hard as I moved my hands to catch myself.  I held the strap in my right hand so I bet I slung the camera onto the rock/ground so it was worse than dropping/falling a few feet).

I saw a GF7 with lens for under $250 on ebay used.  GF10s are hard to find used and I think the cheap imports are PAL versions?  Hard to find that info!

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