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Thank you for the information. Sorry I never replied to this, I got lost with this thread with the other two arguing between themselves so never saw your post.

R2D2 wrote:

Corbula wrote:

What would you say is the best low light lens for the 700D?

Like everything camera-related, it all depends on what you shoot, and how you like to shoot it. There will always be trade-offs no matter what lens you buy (esp for low light). The key is to find the best fit for You. Know Thyself!

I shoot a few different things, mainly when travelling so, building, cityscapes, landscapes, nature. Basically whatever I find that I look at and thing its interesting or would make an interesting photo. That why I have a 10mm-18mm and a 55mm-250mm too. I want something that I can use say inside buildings, aquariums, when the sunlight is behind trees or buildings so its a little darker. If it could do night street photography that would be amazing but not holding my breath. I do like the contrast photos of a dark street that's lit up by shop lights. Again I know that's not exactly practical without a f/1.4 or something.

I've got the 18-55mm stm lens that comes with it but would like something that I can effectively replace this with, something that works well in low light to give me that extra bonus.

The aforementioned 17-55mm f/2.8 IS would be the natural upgrade here. Pros are its versatilty, IQ, and the fact that lt’s an upgrade to the kit lens in every way. Cons are that it costs a lot, is large, and the max aperture is not huge.

It would be the natural upgrade, or at least feel it. I don't know how much of a difference in real world terms the f/2.8 would be over f/3.5 for low light. I know its constant though through the focal range but that as far as I'm aware makes no difference to the light allowed through?

I was looking at the Sigma 24mm 1.4 but I'm put off by the fact it doesn't have image stabilisation.

Large-aperture primes will improve your shutter speeds (and/or ISOs) the most. A big benefit for some types of shooting.

But can you live with having just one focal length? And the super-thin DOF (for what you shoot?). Plus your AF always has to be spot on. And like you say, you lose IS to boot.

Probably not, I might get use to something around the 24mm range but do prefer the practicality of the zoom. The DOF is highly important to me its for the light capability. I went to an aquarium a few weeks ago and unless it was well light I couldn't really get a photo without bumping the ISO quite high then it just looked grainy and blown out.

I don't use a tripod and I'm more opportunistic.

There are the moderate-aperture primes w/IS, but they’re slower by a stop or more (than those big primes), and you’re still constrained by that one focal length. Do you think that IS will benefit you the most?

I do need that IS, if I didn't I would always get blurry photos I would imagine

I'm not expect beautiful long exposure night shots but some that that is more capable. I can always rest it on something stable ha.

Good technique can help. Shoot bursts and cherry-pick the best (you can gain a stop or two doing this). Use the principle of isometrics to help stabilize the camera (slightly pull or twist with one hand, to make the other hand push the opposite way just a tiny bit). Use good breath control, a solid stance, and a soft shutter press.

Maybe take along a String Tripod (or one of those baby tripods that fits in the back pocket). And definitely try the camera’s built-in low light modes: Handheld Night Scene, and Multi Shot Noise Reduction. You lose RAW ability, but both can be very effective!

Holler back with any questions!


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I've looked quite a bit and it seems for a lens with IS at the wider end, 18mm-50mm range the fastest aperture is f/2.8 which is a shame. The search continues I think...

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