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Funny how you find a reason to complain over one thing that has almost been universally praised, i.e the new cameras ergonomics.

DSLRs are “stupid” and cumbersome and generally miles behind the curve of current technological development.

Don’t fight it, embrace it. It’s the future

But I just don't like it. I like OVF over EVF. Too many AF points make it difficult to choose one. I like EF lens more than R lens, especially they will become cheaper and cheaper when people go with R lenses. I'll be happy to have all the L lenses if they're cheap like today's FD lenses. I don't think the difference can go that far though.

What's interesting is that being from old film school, I find the lack of aperture on the lens and shutter speed on the top of the camera to be non-ergonomic. And few digital cameras have those UI interfaces today.

But we now have these UI's in the viewfinder on the EVF display and on the rear LCD. Back in the film days, most of the time the only way to see these settings was to look on the lens and on the top-plate shutter speed dial. That's simply not the case anymore. These days, you can make these changes and see them without every removing your eye from the viewfinder-- which is the way it should be.

I find the lack of microprism in a viewfinder to be a step backwards in manual focusing, too.

These days, I prefer focus magnification and focus peaking. Focus magnification gives you make greater focus accuracy, and focus peaking allows you to see what's in or out of focus throughout the entire image frame.

Plus, Fujfilm mirrorless cameras offer digital split image focusing aids.

The X-T3 even has a digital micorprism focusing aid.

I find the need for batteries for almost anything annoying. Yet that is where we are and it is still progress and the new systems still have astonishing capabilities compared to film. But that doesn't mean there aren't a few things that are worse.

The same will be true for mirrorless - many astonishing new capabilities, but a few things that are worse.

It's funny how people complain about changing a battery on modern digital cameras every few hundred shots,

Well when you have a DSLR with a grip, and you easily get 1500 shots or more, a few hundred shots sounds pretty dismal. I think I've had to change batteries twice during a trip, in the 3 yrs I've owned my 6D. Spoiled with amazing battery life.

Sure, but I'd gladly trade a few more battery changes than have to endure the tiny focus coverage and lack of face AF that the 6D has. So there are trade-offs. 6D focus coverage is quite dismal. There aren't even focus points at the Rule of Thirds positions.

The 6D MKII is better, but still not great. There are more focus points but they are still all clustered in the center of the frame, with nothing reaching out to the Rule of Thirds locations.

So while you might say that you are "spoiled" with battery life, I would say that mirrorless users are spoiled with full-frame focus coverage, face AF, real-time exposure preview, a live histogram in the viewfinder, focus magnification and focus peaking, real time DOF preview without having to darken the viewfinder, focus boxes around the subject's face rather than focus boxes obscuring the subjects face (which seems like a minor detail until you realize that it's better not to have a focus system obscure a subject's face with a bunch of lit focus points like you get with DSLRs), etc.

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