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Re: Camera Upgrade

who's paying for this?  shooting sports, especially indoor, is hard and expensive.

usually means a 2k 2.8 70-200 lens + a non entry level body taht can focus fast and accurately enough to get the shots.  high fps is easy if they don't need to be in focus.  the new canon eos R shoots 8fps with no autofocus = useless; but 3fps with AF, very bad for a modern camera.

if you going to to spend over 2k in lens, get a ff.  FF lens are actually a lot cheaper for the same performance and equivalent appertures. F2.8 on a aps-c camers is the same as F4 on a full frame.

probably the best perf/$ you can get right now is probably m50 + efs adapter + used efs lens.  maybe buy the body used as well if you get a good discount.  8fps with good autofocus.  Check with m50 owners who have tried to shoot sports before buying; i have not.

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