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Funny how you find a reason to complain over one thing that has almost been universally praised, i.e the new cameras ergonomics.

DSLRs are “stupid” and cumbersome and generally miles behind the curve of current technological development.

Don’t fight it, embrace it. It’s the future

Too many AF points make it difficult to choose one.

With mirrorless, you don't really choose AF points like you do with DSLRs. DSLR AF points are not as intelligent as on-sensor AF points. As you can see here in this demo, you just start focus on the person you want to track focus on, and the camera just stays on that person:

And it's not just faces. You can select objects or people, and the camera just holds focus on them. Jump to ~9:35 in this video:

That's the advantage of on-sensor AF that has such a huge number of focus points across the entire image frame. And that's the advantage of having the intelligence of on-sensor AF. You're not picking focus points, you're picking the subject that you want the camera to keep focus on no matter where they move in the frame. So it's a difference in mindset. With a DSLR, it's all about "picking focus points." With mirrorless, the focus system is much smarter. It can identify faces and objects, so you're really picking the subject not the focus point. But for it to be effective, you need a lot of focus points. It gives you a higher resolution of focusing and much greater focusing area.

But what if "I want to choose a focus point" ? Are you telling me that mirrorless won't let me use the center focus point only ? That pretty much all I use with my 6D...

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