EOS R shadows, noise, banding

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EOS R shadows, noise, banding

We already know that EOS R has similar DR as 5D IV. So, the random noise in the shadows should be the same. But there has been some concern about banding. So, did some tests.

All RAW. Unless mentioned otherwise, RAW files opened in DPP, all adjustments turned off, exported as 16 bit TIFF, opened in ACR, 'Exposure' increased by +5, color NR +15.

First 3 examples inside the living room, during the day, in a dark corner.

Example 1

OOC JPEG, the label of the bottle 5 stops underexposed. (Selected a black object as it is more likely to show noise/banding).

Exposure +5

Can't see any banding.

Example 2

6 stops underexposed and then +5 Exposure adjustment

Here I can see some faint banding in the lower part of the label and on the curtain on the left.

Example 3

7 stops underexposed and then +5 Exposure adjustment

Banding seen more clearly.

Example 4

This is at night, tungsten light.

5 stops underexposed and then +5 Exposure adjustment.

Can't see any banding.

So, it would appear that up to 5 stops of shadow lifting can be done without any banding. Banding appears as the shadow gets deeper.

Up to this point shadow noise and banding is similar to my 5D IV.

Now some outdoor scene.

Example 5

No shadow lifting was intended for this shot. Just doing it to see what happens.

OOC JPEG, soon after sunset

+5 Exposure adjustment

Some mild banding can be seen in parts of guy's jacket where shadows were really deep.

A more realistic processing. Fully done in ACR.

Example 6


+5 Exposure adjustment

No banding

More realistic processing

So far, no significant banding. But do converters affect banding?

Same as example 1, but this time processed fully in ACR

Some color banding is now visible, not seen in example 1. So, it seems that ACR/LR is more likely to produce banding compared to DPP/TIFF files processed in ACR.

Example 7

I left the interesting bit for the last. 

At night, tungsten light, nearly 7 stops underexposed and then +5 Exposure adjustment

We can clearly see the color bands running across the frame horizontally. These are not typical banding, not like some we have seen above. I have never seen this with my 5D IV, but I have seen similar examples of 5D IV in DPR from a member. Unfortunately, I don't have my 5D IV anymore, so can't test side by side. This seems to happen in some very unique situations for both 5D IV and EOS R. It seems to be related to severe underexposure, although not seen in example 3 above which was similarly underexposed. Don't know if this has anything to do with artificial light.

My feeling is that banding won't be an issue, it is not any worse than 5D IV. Bill Claff has measured FPN and his measurements show that there is no significant difference between the two cameras.

Hope, this was helpful.

For anyone interested, I can upload the RAW files.


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