"Sony color science" or color balance?

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"Sony color science" or color balance?

I've being pondering the phenomenon where I see a lot of pictures and videos online where I really don't like Sony's colors, yet when I took the blind test, I picked almost all Sonys:

@29:12 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xo9qKPVhEk

I've also noticed that A7III colors are often all over the place, even in the controlled lighting conditions. For example, in the recent Tony Northrop's comparison between EOS R and A7iii, I see three drastically distinct skin tones in the video frames that are taken from the same position only seconds apart.


a7iii color variation

Which made me wonder:

  • Is A7iii's auto balance so volatile?
  • How much of the "bad Sony color science" is actually bad color balance?
  • Are there techniques to counteract the negative effects of the auto color balance that don't involve using color checker for every shot?

Can someone with more experience and knowledge chime in? (Guys, please avoid personal attacks even if you are really jealous of Tony , or stating truisms, such as "gen3 is better than gen2," "you can get any colors from RAW," "I love my camera's colors, so you don't know what you are talking about," and such. Staying on point is greatly appreciated.)

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