A7III: can swap out SD card while camera shooting to the other SD card?

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for splashy again

splashy wrote:

Is it not so that the camera will write to slot two IF slot one is full.

If you set that setting, yes.

Now what happens if you put an empty card in slot one?

So you're thinking that maybe the camera will then stop writing to slot 2 and suddenly go back to slot 1 when I put a card in? Hmm, that's a very good point.  I can work around it, by using a small card in slot 2 and only using big cards in slot 1, but there is the serious issue of interrupting the writing process (which was the basis of my very original question in this thread )

Just curious, what about camera shake when you change cards? And why is that better then stopping some frames?

A bit of camera shake is an issue, definitely, but not as huge a one as a stills photographer would think (I also shoot stills, of course). I use a very solid clamp (locked to a solid railing) and an equally solid head. Plus I'm only shooting at 35mm. If I'm careful, I can swap cards with minimal camera shake.

And camera shake isn't as much of an issue in a video as it is in stills. One shaky (minimally shaky) frame when they are being projected at 25fps is almost invisible (that said, a single shaky frame when it's night and there are bright lights in the shot is a lot more noticeable than the same shaky frame in a more evenly lit daytime scene).

Whereas a skipped frame always catches the eye. Someone experienced will spot it every time, but I've had many people see one of my sequences in which I've had a skipped frame and ask what it was that just happened. They always notice (annoyingly). We humans are supreme pattern recognition machines, even if we don't know what we just saw, we know we saw something

Thanks for the thoughts, I really appreciate it.



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