How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

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Re: How good is the G9 at High ISO ?

phototherapy wrote:

I'm interested in the Panasonic G9, but I would like to know how good the Jpeg OOC are in real low light at ISO 3200, thanks.

Depends on the shot.  IME It can do 6400 easy if the detail in the scene is good.  In very low light conditions with long exposure, like galaxy night sky landscape, it will do 3200 ISO with clean results, you can also go 4000, and 6400 but you'll need to do panorama or stacking to get that extra stop of NR for clean high resolution results.

The 12800 ISO is usable if the scene has lit detail.   This works for Monochrome, like L Monochrome D.  But not that good for color.

The JPG processor is amazing with NR up to 6400.  If you try to do RAW file and NR, you may get better results.  But at 3200 ISO, the camera does a great job of NR that you'll struggle to get in LR with NR.

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