Xt3 or 6Dii

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Re: Xt3 or 6Dii

jjz2 wrote:

Full frame is definitely cheap now, personally, there's nothing that would make me go back to carrying a full frame standard dslr or even a crop sensor dslr...both big by fuji mirrorless standards.

The main issue to me with FF and crop was always the availability of fast glass at the right size. Of course you could mount a FF lens on a rebel, but then it is like monster sized. Canon and Nikon's strategy for the past 15 years has been to move serious users to full frame, and basically never got that serious about their crop lens lineup, outside of a couple of zooms.

It's 2018 and Canon still hasn't made even a fast 50mm equivalent lens for their crop bodies.

I've always preferred rangefinder style bodies as well over SLR, there just weren't any good or affordable ones in digital land for the longest time.

The 32mm f1. 4 is around the corner, super sharp lens.

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