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Re: Starting out and getting out of auto mode help

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Also, just shoot JPEG to start. RAW files offer greater flexibility, but concentrate on the basics first. Opinions will differ on this.

I will differ with this. I see photography (as opposed to taking pictures) to be as much about working the file as in taking the file. Indeed, my experience was that as I learned more about processing my files into photographs I learned more about what I should be doing before I pressed the shutter button.

Have to differ with you, Tony. Photography is using a camera system to capture an image. Look, not about"working a file" and being a " computer jockey." Unfortunately, in my opinion, most of the folks on the forums here fall into the latter category. It would be great to have a specific SOOC forum here.

I totally agree ... and why I like the FZ-1000 (w/ "zebras") so much because I can easy/fast ETTR.

Since I have been into photography since 1957 and always had darkrooms, (and owned a 1-hour lab WITH CUSTOM DARKROOM) for 15 years, I am embarrassed and ashamed to admit I don't even own PS/LR, (nor know how to use it).

BUT ... I have NEVER really "needed" it.

Have I had images that PP could possible improve ??? ... Of course, but never had an image that absolutely required it.

If you're using ETTR for exposure, how do you get away from having to post-process your shots? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what ETTR is all about, but the article about it here at DPReview certainly indicates that it often requires post-processing:

"ETTR sets exposure so that the brightest significant values just reach to the right-hand edge of the histogram (sensor saturation), and this frequently results in an image that initially appears too bright or too dark – it being assumed that the desired image brightness will be obtained later on either through processing the raw file in a raw converter or post-processing the JPEG in an image editor."

My preference is to expose so that mid-toned items in the scene turn out mid-toned in the out-of-camera JPEG, and let highlights and shadows fall where they will (though that is after using a camera's image parameter settings to tweak how it handles highlights and shadows, such as my FZ300's useful ability to independently adjust highlight and shadow contrast, or to use its i.Dynamic feature).

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