Do you only use Ricoh cameras?

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My use of the GR is now limited I prefer the GXR-M

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I think you are going to find that almost everyone on this forum use other brands too simply because Rico does not really produce any system camera or general use camera


Yeah, i thought it would be that way. But i’m still curious. I know there are som hardcore ricoh fan-boys out there that also only uses the GR.

I’m not a hardcore fan-boy, but i have not fint a digital camera that i like more.

Me neither . I suspect that if they had a GR with an FOv 40mm equivalent ( in 35mm terms) and a 2x converter along with a high res EVF i might do some short trips with just those 2 ricoh cameras


Harold, I also find the 40mm FOV equiv a very useful all rounder. I gelled with it using the Zuiko 40mm on the OM4. If there were a GR with this I'd like a good aperture, f2 if possible.

Additionally I'd like to team it with a 21mm equiv GR like the GR21 film camera. I could go a lot of places with those two.

This is exactly why I went to the Panasonic GM series - the argument over multiple Ricoh GR cameras with different focal length prime lenses or what they could be made into with convertors, or crop sensor.

So rather than wishing I did. Now I can have (I use ff equiv in to relate to Ricoh practice)

24mm f2.0

30mm f1.7

40mm f1.4 (a Voigtlander MF)

40mm f1.7

50mm f1.4

60mm f2.8 macro

85mm f1.2 OIS

14-28mm f4.0

70-200mm f2.8 OIS

24-200mm f4.0 OIS (Olympus) fantastic lens despite its wide range.

etc - (I only scratch the surface) - these are all top performing lenses

I can even adapt Canon EF lenses to it if I am feeling stupid enough.

So the GR truly revels in its collapsing lens for niche street shooting but it is not, and never will be, a systems camera without a widely supported mount system. This is the real issue - the GR is a great camera but it is very oriented and fiddling about with it will not make it into a pseudo systems silk purse. We have to like it as it is and not like it if it doesn’t do what we need.

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