Watch detail images (for eBay) - what focal length?

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Re: Watch detail images (for eBay) - what focal length?

Michael Benveniste wrote:

dan_darkroom wrote:

Cost matters, so I aim at the Sony 30mm SEL30M35. Looks ugly, but seems it got some good reviews.

I believe that lens is designed for Sony's APS-C sensor cameras. I'm not sure if the A7 has "auto crop" or not, but I doubt the lens will cover the whole frame of the A7. The other concern about a 30mm lens is that your working distance is going to be quite short, so you may find it a bit tricky to light the subject.

I think the Venus Optics 60mm or the Sony SEL50M28 are better choices for that camera.

Points noted!

I get a 2nd hand 30mm SEL30M35 tonight and will give it a good try. Price is good and if I (or the A7) can't manage it it goes back to the 2nd hand market. As long as I get something onto the SD card it should be OK, there is usually plenty of after-work on the PC anyway.

I have my radar also on the 60mm Laowa/Venus lens. There are not so many around though. I like that one too! SEL50M28 I would also consider if the price is right. Or the 90mm one.

It's all still pretty new to me and I am still in the learning curve.

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