Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm vs Sony 24-105mm

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Re: Sony/Zeiss 16-70mm vs Sony 24-105mm on APS-C

Craig Gillette wrote:

From a utility standpoint, the zoom range is essentially the same on the two lenses - if you use the 16-70 on an aps-c body and the 24-105 on an FF body. Standing in the same place with the same subject, they will put the same image on the sensor. (Not withstanding the differences in depth of field so to speak)

Actually I read the original heading as to whether the 24-105 on an A6xxx would work well... looks like you are right and the OP was referring to the equivalent...

Using the 24-105 on an aps-c body, with the crop factor, will act as a 36-157.5 lens. The 16-70 will act like a 16-70 on the ff body and will likely suffer from vignetting through a portion of the range.

36-160 is a nice range. I use the Minolta 28-105 and find the normal-tele range quite nice when out and about (eg 42-157) albeit nowadays on an A55 rather than on my E mount APS-Cs. Certainly nice enough to consider the well-received EF 24-105...

Having said that I also have the 16-70 as my default lens on the A6300. The wide range is useful but often the tele is a bit short for me. If expecting some longer reach needs I use the 18-200. Also found the 16-70 had some edge issues with a filter... YMMV.

Happy photo-taking...

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