A7III: can swap out SD card while camera shooting to the other SD card?

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A7III: can swap out SD card while camera shooting to the other SD card?

Hi All,

tl;dr I need to shoot 45,000 photos in a row for a 30 minute timelapse movie. I need to swap out cards to hold all those photos, but there isn't time to turn off the camera to do the swap (I'll be shooting every 2 seconds).

I have a set of 512GB cards, and I'd like to swap them out as they become full (each will hold about 11,000 raws). I'll of course be using two in the camera, with automatic switchover.

Here's the question: if the camera is shooting and writing to slot 2, can I switch out the card in slot 1? (or vice versa).

If I can, then I can ensure that there are no breaks in the timelapse movie (I'll be shooting every 2-seconds, not enough time to turn off the camera for a card swap).

What I've done before in this situation is to have a second camera with an identical composition and lens take over while I've turned off the first camera and made a card swap, but my second camera is an A7II (not III), and the raws are different enough in their look that it's proven difficult to layer the two resulting timelapse movies over each other. I'd much rather shoot the entire thing with a single camera (I'm well aware of the risks of card/shutter/battery/aperture/etc failure).

So, will it cause a problem with the camera or any of the SD cards if I swap out a card while the camera is shooting to the other card?

Thanks in advance for any insights!


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