Struggling with color grading of Sony α7 III...

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Struggling with color grading of Sony α7 III...



*purpose of this thread is not to start a sterile brand war*

I'm still in a learning period and seeking for advices to I can adapt my workflow to a new camera/system.


I'm new to the Sony α7 III.

I'm running the Sony system in parallel of a Fujifilm System (Fujifilm X-T2 and now XT3).

With the Fujifilm, I used to use the Provia (standard), Velvia (vivid), Astia (soft/portrait) and Classic Chrome 'film simulations' (those are basically color presets) as a starting basis, depending on the subject and mood. I also appreciate the 'Color Chrome Effect' of the X-T3 which boost certain colors (red, orange, yellow and yellow-green) under certain circonstances.

With the Sony, I start to use Capture One Pro 11, with Generic Sony α7 III color profile and 'Film standard curve' or 'Film high contrast curve'. I use a lot the skin tone color tool to normalize skin tones hue, saturation and lightness.


I struggle to get pleasant skin tones from the Sony files.

I like a lot how the Fujifilm color presets deal with skins tones. I noticed the following:

  • They add  a lot of lightness to caucasian skin tones,
  • They add some saturation and slight shift toward orange to most caucasian skin tones, except the brightest or pinkiest ones,
  • They lessen saturation of the brightest or pinkiest caucasian skin tones,
  • They add a noticeable shift toward orange to black/brown skin tones and make also make them darker.

I tried to reproduce that with Capture One Pro Skin tones control, but failed. In particular, I struggle to introduced that slight shift toward orange (hue control is no help for that), plus even playing with the lightness slider and lightness normalization slider I could not get the same flattering effect the Fujifilm presets produce (notably reducing the shadows/contrast on skin tones).

Besides that, I'm not happy with the colors I get. They lack some 'vividness'/density and playing with saturation slider or applying selective color correction does not produce the result I want.


May you have suggestion or color grading tutorial oriented toward Sony camera that may help?


Fujifilm X-T2 Fujifilm X-T3 Sony a7 III
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