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A Few Pictures More … Macro Pictures

Hooded monk – looks like – beetle, on the butterfly bush against the red nasturtium. What big eyes, to see in the dark - the only time I find them.

Caught out in the rain, this little shovel headed beetle. In my hand it will dig into the shadows, strong as a dray horse.

A wasp, I think, only found twice after the rain and wind forced her to land for the duration. Lovely blue in the black.

My old favourite, orange tail resin bee. Finishing off her nest and the cycle begins once more.

Drone fly, came and went, as is the way of nature. Nothing stays the same for long. Keep up by unloading the expectations.

Wasp, taking a break after being rescued from the watering can. She recovered quick enough and was away on the breeze.

And a few Assassins ...

Out in the hot sun. A few shots before she flew away, a rare occurrence that, assassins flying.

A younger version, from a winter’s night, others could be found nearby. At some point they must become a danger to each other.

You can see it’s a youngster by the wing buds – not developed much at all. Nice to get the blue car in the background.

The kill … the only consideration being hunger, instinctively. Slip that lance between the armour and pretty quick the beetle is a meal.

It doesn’t lend itself to many angles for portrait. Here on a dried out banana skin, taking advantage of the others feeding there.

Too small to make a meal, that fruit fly on an old banana. But others, bigger, do come and die while dining on the fermenting pulp.

Is there such a thing as a pretty assassin bug? Not really, but they can be appreciated for being what they are, unselfconsciously so.

On her way to somewhere else, no food here today, buds not yet open to feed the other flying things. Though some eat early.

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