Lens mount fail SLT-A55

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Re: Lens mount fail SLT-A55

SQLGuy wrote:

Seadog Publications wrote:

Quick fix: apply a small strip of tape, such as black plastic electrician's tape, to the camera mounting plate on the side opposite the electrical contacts, resulting in a tighter fit when the lens is mounted and also tilts the lens upward towards the contacts. If one strip of tape is not enough, try 2, or in really bad cases, 3 or more. The plastic tape is slick and the mounts (camera & lens) will slide/rotate over each other easily, but fit will be more snug.

I had an A-37 with the problem and it worked like a charm; it has been over a year and I have not had to replace the tape, but I don't use the camera or change lens much on it. Tape is available at any hardware store, Walmart, etc.

Except that he's having to push the lens away from the contacts to make it work...

Aha! I didn't look at OP's diagram close enough.

The fix should still work, however. Just put the tape on the top of the mount instead of the bottom.

It does seem odd that less electrical contact is desired; usually when the mount gets loose, it is poor (less) contact that is the problem.

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