Hiker and traveler - choosing our next camera

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Hiker and traveler - choosing our next camera

We currently have a Canon 6D. Our most common use of the camera is bringing it with us on vacations, and hiking. Even our vacations are heavy on hiking. We're also always careful to pack lightweight, as we will travel from place to place. We often use the 24-70 2.4L lens as the main carry.

I think I am optimizing for: Weight/size, IQ, and dynamic range.

I think weight/size makes sense & is clear, because of vacations & hiking. Awfully nice if we can drop a gram or two.

When we finish our photos, we love to do photo books & print large canvases for our home. So I think maintaining the image quality of the 6D would be a minimal bar. It'd be a nice bonus if any quality improved (for the larger canvases in particular).

Finally, dynamic range. Since we're hiking & taking photos (rather than taking photos & hiking), we often end up at beautiful spots at mid-day. We often have blown out highlights (or darks), because the lighting isn't optimal. My thought is that dynamic range might slightly expand the number of photos we could pull darks/lights out of, which otherwise would be too ugly to use

The above make sense?

If the above makes sense, I was primarily deciding between the Canon EOS R (to keep the same lens system), and the Sony A7 iii. I also considered the Sony A7R iii, but 1) I think the extra pixels aren't necessarily needed for our printing needs, and 2) I've heard a few things about DR & autofocus & battery life that make me think the A7 iii (If I don't need the pixels) might be better. Not to mention the money saved. The Sony has the added advantage of 2 card slots (be nice to have backup on once in a lifetime trips), and stabilization, since we never carry tripods.


If you believe Photons to photos, it looks like the Sony is a step above the DR of the Canon EOS R. Am I reading this right, and is it believable? If all of the above makes sense and that data is correct, I think the Sony A7 iii might be the best option for us.

I'd love to know if my assumptions & use cases & end decision make sense, or if I'm overlooking something

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