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Re: Well. I am confused....

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The top display turns off when the camera is turned off. Why would you want it to continue to be on? Would just drain power unnecessarily. (Surprised Nikon rep didn't know this.)

It stays on with the GFX 50S. Doesn't seem to drain the battery more than MILCs with no top display.

Maybe the GFX 50S uses a different technology--a la e-ink? My understanding is that the top display on the Zs is OLED, and unless I'm missing something, OLED consumes power whenever it's on.

Edit: Just checked and it looks like the GFX 50S does indeed use e-ink for the top display.

Fujifilm seems to be confused on that point:

On the D850 the top display shows some, but not all, information when it's powered off.


Several sites report this as being an e-ink display, but a quick search didn't turn up anything from Fuji confirming this. So who knows.

Personally, I'm having a hard time seeing the utility of having your camera display settings when it's off, particularly if the camera is drawing power, however minuscule, to do this. What am I missing?

I would like to check the status of my camera, even without having to turn it on:

- battery status,

- how many shots left

- is my camera ready, i.e., are the settings where I expect them

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