Is there a "silent mode/discrete mode" shortcut for x-H1?

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Re: Is there a "silent mode/discrete mode" shortcut for x-H1?

I've commented on this unfortunate oversight on Fuji's part several times on this forum.

If, for example you are shooting an event where initially you are in bright sunlight covering the arrival of the subjects and then rushing into say a church where audio and visual silence is needed, it is so easy to forget to turn off all of the various functions in different parts of the menus to achieve this - and it take precious time to do so. Fuji used to have a 'silent' option, assignable (I seem to recall) to a function button and if they want to go for the pro market they should bring it back ASAP!

One caveat though, it does need to have a very clear warning icon on all the screens when silent mode is set!

On one occasion I was taking shots at a wedding and the vicar agreed to let me take photos in the church provided no flash was used. It was all a bit of a rush and in the excitement I cancelled everything apart from the flash. My first shot inside the church was of the vicar leading the bridal party down the aisle and the flash went off in his face! When he got to the front of the church his opening remarks were not ones of welcome but a stern rebuke that there should be no photography at all!


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