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Re: Good day!

Chris Noble wrote:

Tony Beach wrote:

Chris Noble wrote:

Simple guides can be useful without being scientifically correct.

Like the earth is flat or the sun goes around the earth.

As photographers improve, they learn that they can use these controls in different ways and combine those choices with PP choices to achieve an intended objective.

Teaching someone something that is fundamentally wrong is not an aid to them improving, it's an impediment.

There are many other examples of useful guides from other crafts that are not strictly scientifically correct. I'm sure you are aware of some of them. And "fundamentally wrong"? Let's leave ethics out of this .

It's not an ethical issue, it's a factual issue.

I think I will excuse myself and leave this thread, as I know the religious wrath of indignation that is coming down on my "fundamentally wrong" head, and I have some pictures to take with my 3 "exposure controls" (I know, painful to hear that! But get used to it, the ET is here to stay).

Ignorance is here to stay, which is why (as Iliah said) "Education never sleeps."

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