GH5s or X-T3 for 80% video 20% still

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Re: GH5s or X-T3 for 80% video 20% still

You're looking for a piece of gear that records good 4K straight out of camera.

If you're recording inside a lab I would seriously question the use of log or extremely flat profiles. You'll spend a lot of time grading that sucker and lose the main point of using log, which is heavy contrasted scenes outdoors to squeeze every ounce of DR.

So again, you want a good camera with 4K quality from the get go.

Since you're recording with manual AF, your options are diverse. You've got a huge amount of cameras from Panasonic that are cheaper than the GH5s.

Now the new XT3 has a trump card that could be huge for you: it allows focus magnification during recording. Very few cameras allow this (mainly the Sony ones). Historically, this feature had been exclusive to the videocamera world.

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