G9 recommended settings for BIF and wildlife

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Re: G9 recommended settings for BIF and wildlife

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The G9 AF has two weaknesses for bird shooters.

First, the single box area will often simply fail to get a lock on the head or body. That's been attributed to less than bright light or lack of contrast.

I rarely use single box, I agree it's not the best solution. I tend to use 225 if I have a clean sky or scene background and various custom multi for the rest.

Second, with a bird in about the mid-ground, a busy background and an AF area that overlaps it the lock will go to the latter. I call this the preference for the distant lock. Panasonic may address this in the upcoming firmware update. Gordon Laing says it's inherent in CDAF. It can work for you when closer to the subject; it tends to ignore foliage nearer to you in favour of the bird.

I agree that this is the main obstacle although the G9 is a major step up from the previous Gs and I have been surprised how often I get the bird although it is definitely not foolproof. DSLR shooters I know often miss as well.

The G9 and PL100-400 do about 80% of what I want. Preburst is brilliant.

I shelled out for a D500 and 200-500mm as I wasn't prepared to set up unique photo opportunities knowing I'd be missing shots.

You want focus on the eye and single box is the only way to be sure of that. That's first choice with a perched bird while a BIF is another matter.

Yes, sorry I thought we were talking BIFs, single box is the go to setting form static birds although I still prefer custom multi which gives me much more flexibility over the size of that box

The G9 is no better than the G85 with respect to preference for the distant lock.

Must be my perception then or maybe improved focusing in general.

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