Color blotching in SD Quattro H photo at ISO 100

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Re: Color blotching in SD Quattro H photo at ISO 100

Scottelly wrote:

richard stone wrote:

TN Args wrote:

Scottelly wrote:

I shot this OOC jpeg today. Does anyone else see any color blotching on the ocean and the beach in this ISO 100 photo?

SD Quattro H with 17-50mm f2.8 EX OS at 50mm f5.6 ISO 100

I have found that most of the time the OOC jpegs look pretty good, now that I've turned down the sharpening a lot, and saturation and contrast a bit, but here is one in which I think I can see color blotching. Can anyone else see it? (I'm worried maybe I'm just going nuts, with some sort of obsession over color blotching, which I see in photos from my Sony A65 sometimes too.)

I'm assuming there is a lot of seaweed in the water. In which case, I don't see much to complain about.

But if the water is seaweed-free, then yes, I see it.

Anyway, here is my full-sized jpeg out of SPP:

Neutral, low Detail, no NRL, middle NRC

...and with a simple Curve added in Affinity:

SPP 6.6.1 as above => Affinity


At my first look at your revised image I was so impressed with the image, as a whole I failed, to my shame, of course, to properly pixel peep and look for the green and purple blotching/noise. Which seems to be missing.

That's why I asked for confirmation of the presence of seaweed in the water: that was the only blotchiness I was seeing in my SPP-processed result.

Maybe it's not really much of an issue in the image after some well directed effort?

I don't think anyone ever said it was "much" of an issue. I noticed it (at least I thought I could see it), and I figured I'd ask if others could see it. It was an OOC jpeg too . . . one that had been made with tone control turned on (so the brightness of the dark areas was increased before the jpeg was made). I do like that version made with Affinity though.

Now that I remember that the original is an OOC JPEG, I feel reassured.

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