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Re: P1000 arrived yesterday - comparison shots

JimH123 wrote:

User4286416121 wrote:

Great post! Thanks for doing this. So to recap a bit. The Sony at the 500mm then cropped. (assume 500 is the best that lens is?) That is a pretty good comparison. Only issue is that the cropped part may not have had equal exposure between the cameras. Therefore may not have the same noise characteristics. But I agree with your results here. Always wondered how good a picture would be if compared to a larger sensor, (read less diffraction), cropped to match.

Again thanks

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Overall, I find that the P1000 is exceeding the Canon SX50 that I also have. And doing so by quite a margin. I need to find some time to use it on critters to see how well it does.

But I am anxious to see the RAW files be supported by DxO Photolab Prime for better noise control. My experience using DxO Prime is that it can do a really good job on Noise without smearing the edges.

Meanwhile, I have several additional noise reduction programs to try.

I did try some longer distant shots yesterday, but the thermals to strong and I could see the shimmering effect in the EVF and results were not worth keeping. I will have to try on another day and at another time. Sometimes, they really quiet down and distant shots become easy to capture.

I am pleased with the EVF on the P1000. And it is a LOT nicer than the one on the Canon SX500.

Here is a shot of the satellite antenna on my roof at about 60 feet distance. (Ignore the bird poop - hasn't rained here is over 6 months!) I find that the 2 screw heads make a wonderful target to verify how well it is doing. And this is much better than the SX50 is able to show this.

..Great shot at 3000mm!!


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