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$10 for a Palm Reading? Are you serious? Does she offer refunds? By the way. What is "Phychic Reading"? Should I put a hold on my expensive new prescription glasses?

There are many “Psychics” hustling on the street these days in NYC. I have never seen one with a customer.

I won’t expect a normal looking person in a sweatshirt to look into my future 🤨

Some are dressed extravagantly - you would believe them more?

What’s all the hostility, anyway, for the “psychic”? Is she any less believable than organized religions? At least she isn’t raping little boys like the Catholic Church. Some people believe psychics and listen to them, they are helped even it’s just placebo affect.

We have a super-huckster as POTUS, doing considerably more damage than all the psychics of the world put together, and 40% of the country belives his every word (lie). Now there’s someone (along with the Republican enablers) with which to be angry.

My comment was not intended to be hostile, but the reply was certainly intended to be

Sorry, no intended hostility towards you. The rant was about a general hostility towards psychics and hustlers which i have run into many times on these forums. I was pointing out some hypocrisy as there is blatant hucksterism on a much larger scale happening all the time. That said, I do wish you could have commented on the photo instead of your personal inclination for having a reading from the subject.

It seems i also upset a Trump supporter, for which I am not unhappy.

The image is technically fine, but I like the one with the worker in better, seems to provide more insight and shows the activity in the area.

Thanks for the comment!

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