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Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I just got a new xt3, it is so close to perfect. This is Fuji 4th gen body but my main annoyance since the first gen has not been adressed. Why not add a view mode to emulate a DSLR? I tried eye sensor + LCD display, but when my eye is not on the evf it still turns on the LCD for composing needlessly using battery. When using evf only + eye sensor, I lose the auto image playback on the lcd, but with my eye off the evf, I can turn on the LCD for image review, but menus won't show up on the LCD using that mode. So close. What are you guys using? Anyone else bothered by it?


isn't the last mode what you're after?

Tried that, but the lcd is still on when my eye is not on the evf. I don´t know why it annoys me so much, maybe it´s because I feel battery life could be better if it remained off, but well, it doesn´t really affect my photos.

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