X-t2 vs X-t20? What is the difference in weather sealing?

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Re: X-t2 vs X-t20? What is the difference in weather sealing?

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I understand that there is not much difference in the capabilities and features in X-T2 and X-t20. I usually use my camera when traveling and didn't want to get something that stops working when I am too close to a waterfall or light rain.

My old Canon 650d which is not weather sealed has survived heavy rain and has had no impact. Would really appreciate any thoughts on this. How do the Xt-20 and X-t2 weather sealing compare with A7iii?


The A7III doesn't have weather sealing worth mentioning. It really doesn't. I mean, you're welcome to get one and test it, but the Sony cameras, as far as they've come, are like scientific implements that I for one wouldnt want to try in the rain.

I have tested them in the rain and wet snow (A7s, A7r2). With great trepidation, and a little maintenance during the sessions, was able to repeat the tests over and over.

By contrast, the Fuji cameras that are advertised as weather sealed have a very good track record. Sure, there are horror stories, but as far as I can tell they're the minority.

Every brand has a WR failure story to hang a hat on, including Canon.

Your testing was brave - especially as the older Sony were very clear about them *not* being weather sealed on any level. I know I did pretty extensive WR research into the 7RII at the time I had one, and the verdict was pretty simple - if you're in the rain with this one, use an umbrella. I'm sure plenty of people had then in bad weather, and it was fine - but let's be clear - that's luck, not design.

That would be the same as someone using an XT20 in the rain and it being fine

The difference is, I'm not talking about theory or anecdotal evidence.

The bottom wasn't well sealed, but it could be used in a downpour. So's not to push it, it was bagged when not actively used. In the snow it was different - when it became laden with snow (not melting) I wouldn't bother putting it back in the bag. I'd have a wipe to brush the bulk of the accumulation when it was time to bag it. This was taken right after walking inside off the street. That a7s is still working fine, as is the A72 and A7r2 that were put to these tests. I couldn't call those cameras care-free WR, mind you, but. . . that's my experience.

With Fuji, I'm MUCH more confident in precipitation, but always a bit wary all the same.   I'll let the body get drenched, but only as much as it needs to be while in use.

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