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ncsakany wrote:

MayaTlab0 wrote:

- Depending on design, they can consume less power. I'm not exactly sure though that Nikon selected the best technology to do that, and that might be why it's turned off when the camera is off. But at the least, when both the EVF and rear LCDs are off to save power, the "top" display can remain on and allow you to change settings, while limiting power consumption.

- Because they aren't meant to display a picture, they can use technologies that have advantages in some critical areas, such as the capacity for a display to remain fully legible, even under bright sunlight, which are incompatible with image reproduction.

Then perhaps an e ink display would have been better suited, something like an e-reader, with extremely low power requirements, and could have persisted the information being displayed even with power off.

E ink displays of the e-reader kind are too slow, but a display just like the one on the EOS R would be IMO ideal (the selected mode remains visible, even when the camera if off).

What I'd love to see from camera manufacturers is a truly smart power management. By that I mean that the camera would be able to discretely power on or off parts of itself, maybe even gradually as needed, in discrete steps, and rapidly, so that one never truly has to turn a camera off during the day, just like a smartphone for example. The ON/OFF button would rather be a "lock" button.

When adjusting settings via dials or buttons, with the help of the low power consumption LCD, the sensor, EVF and rear LCD would be totally off, and the processor in power saving mode, but they would instantly turn on hen raising the camera to the eye, or pressing the shutter half-way, for example. Right now there's a significant delay that prevents camera manufacturers from doing power saving in an elegant and user friendly way.

Perhaps in the future rear LCDs will become so legible in bright light, and consume so little power, that the advantages of a "low power consumption display not meant for images" will disappear.

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