I miss Nikon 1 so...

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Re: I miss Nikon 1 so...

VadymA wrote:

lukamodric wrote:

VadymA wrote:

Certainly get a J5, but I would wait for a black and silver version. I am waiting for a V2 at the right price (black).

Thanks for your answer.

Why V2 and not V1? I have heard that V1 has superior colours.

and why not a J5?

Well, I already have a J5, but don’t mind adding a V2 if the price is right. I’ve never had a V series model, so just want to see the difference for myself. I thinks out of all V models, I just like the look of V2 the most. I always shoot in raw, so colours should not be a big concern. I would probably add a V1 as well, but I only buy locally, no eBay, and the asking prices on V1 are almost the same as V2, so I would rather start with V2. They both are hard to find locally, unfortunately.

In Japan used V2s can usually be found for under ¥30,000, and V1s for under ¥10,000. I try to get all my gear there, which is harder now that I have moved to Pamplona. GRIN

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