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Re: Top display purpose

That it's called "top display" is problematic as it hides its true benefits.

Think of it rather as a "low power consumption display not meant for images". Theoretically, such "top" displays can provide two benefits over the EVF or rear LCD :

- Depending on design, they can consume less power. I'm not exactly sure though that Nikon selected the best technology to do that, and that might be why it's turned off when the camera is off. But at the least, when both the EVF and rear LCDs are off to save power, the "top" display can remain on and allow you to change settings, while limiting power consumption.

- Because they aren't meant to display a picture, they can use technologies that have advantages in some critical areas, such as the capacity for a display to remain fully legible, even under bright sunlight, which are incompatible with image reproduction.

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