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Re: Another vote for the top display

JimKasson wrote:

ncsakany wrote:

I've been thinking, given the inability to completely turn off information display on the main display and EVF, what is the benefit afforded by the top display? I didn't find a way to customize it, and it's just repeating some of the information already displayed in the other two.

Am I missing something here?

Count me as a top display proponent. I missed (and railed at) its MILC demise on the a7x cameras, and welcomed its return on the GFX 50S. Especially with Nikon's "push the button and twist the dials" mode changing (and the aforesaid buttons being for the most part on the top of the camera), it's very useful to be able to look down at the top of the camera and perform the necessary adjustments.

In many candid situations, it is not conducive to good pictures to have to continually bring the camera to your eye, or even raise it from waist level, until you are ready to make the exposure. The top display facilitates this. I wish Nikon had taken a page from Fuji's book and made the display visible when the power is off, but that would have been just icing on the cake.

I much prefer just changing the rear LCD to display the current settings.  Just as convenient as a top display, but is able to display much more information.  Bit of a waste of space if you ask me.

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